Body wraps and treatments

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It's a 6-stage body treatment which lasts for 60 minutes:
1. The area to be treated is exfoliated with "Body Peeling".
2. Gently massaging the "problem-area", a thermo-active cream is applied. The area is wrapped in osmotic film. After a while the area reddens which means that the microcirculation was activated and the pores opened (for a better absorption of the active ingredients that will be used).
3. The "problem-area" is gently massaged for 5 to 10 minutes using an "Anti-cellulite serum".
4. Using a brush, a layer of parafango/ fango is applied and the area is wrapped in osmotic film.
5. The client is put in the heating blanket.
6. After 35-40 minutes, the heating blanket, the osmotic film and the parafango/ fango layer are removed, then the area is massaged using an anti-cellulite cream.

There should be 2, 3 sessions a week, and for visible results there should be at least 10 sessions.

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