Regulating Authority of Construction

If you are in the construction business it is most important to know the function of the regulating authority in the process of construction. Even if you are common man, then it is also important for you to know the newly construction is built near your house is legally sanctioned or not. However there is an established procedure that needs to be followed before starting any construction project.

There is an authority to look after and sanction all the project of a particular place. The authority is simply known as Authority Having Jurisdiction. Though the system varies from country to country, but in most cases the government agency that looks after this is the local municipal authority. If you are associated with the business of construction or any particular project, you must classify that the municipality sanctions the project or not.

In the construction of a particular project the municipal authority has a grater role to play. The authority will review the place, the plan and its impact on the environment. If the project is approved the authority will see detail of the architectural and civil plan. The building department of the municipal will see if the building is built following the building code. Before starting your project you must see all the process has been properly completed. You have to follow all the safety code while building s particular project. You have to provide all the essential services like electricity, water, sewage, phone, cable etc. to the people who are associated with the project. The safety code of the fire must be taken care of. If you want to expand the existing building you have to take the permission of the municipal authority.