About Body Contour

The remodeling and body care center Body Contour is specialized in treating and controlling the unaesthetic aspects of your body (weight loss and cellulite reduction) through non-invasive and relaxing procedures (electrotherapy, massage, thermotherapy, body treatments, body wraps). Our center addresses girls and ladies who wish to model or to maintain a spectacular figure, without extra inches and cellulite.

Our center offers body aesthetics consultancy and care and the specialized personnel will attend to your needs with discretion and professionalism. “BODY CONTOUR” is created and conceived in order to represent that oasis of peace and relaxation that you need in order to get back in shape, to obtain and to maintain the perfect look you desire.

At present we can offer you full services of slimming and body reshaping, as follows:

  • Stimulating electrotherapy with modern specialized equipment (ultra-fast slimming, lymphatic drainage, thermo sauna, toning procedures, muscular firming, non-surgical fac
    e lift, breast lift, etc)
  • Hot or cold body treatments with Body-FXprofessional products (ANESI), efficient in the process of slim down and cellulite removal.
  • Thermo cream – combined treatment for reducing extra-inches and cellulite.
  • Massage – anti cellulite, anti stress, relaxation, reflexology treatment, lymphatic drainage
  • Thermotherapy

All these procedures have been put together in packages and combined with diets, specially conceived to ensure fast and lasting effects. The advantage in the case of these packages is that their price, that can be even 50% lower than that of separate sessions.

The professional services that we have created for you are extremely helpful if you want to:
get rid of the cellulite and of the extra-inches and have an attractive figure
to escape the daily stress and benefit of moments of peace and relaxation
to get more confidence in yourself, to become more active and more energetic.

Our center is equipped with the latest technology and the professional aesthetic products we use come with the warranty given by some of the greatest names in the field. The specialized personnel, ready to help you at any time, the exceptional services and the experience accumulated in European and Romanian beauty centers with an old tradition in body aesthetics – those are our main “tools” in ensuring success in 100% of the cases.

In order to be thin and beautiful all the time, we are waiting for you at Body Contour Center. And you are always welcome to bring your friends so that you can benefit of promotional offers and attractive discounts for any type of package.